The term vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin which is characterized by the presence of white patches on the skin. It occurs when melanocytes(cell responsible skin pigmentation) die or are unable to function.

The goal of vitiligo treatment is to improve the appearance of skin lesions.

Depending upon the number of the lesion, size of the lesion, and location of white patches a personalized treatment(medical/surgical/adjunctive therapies) plan is formulated for the patient.

Adjunctive Treatment comprises of

  1. PUVA light therapy – this is the most common method used for vitiligo treatment. UVA light combined with other treatments is used to restore the colour of the skin. This treatment requires the expertise and supervision of a dermatologist.
  2. NBUVB light therapy – narrowband UVB therapy is effective and save in childhood vitiligo.
  3. Excimer laser – targeted therapy of only the affected area with increased intensity if along with medication desired result is not achieved laser vitiligo treatment can be combined to achieve effective results within the expected time limit. In this method, we use the laser to repigment the skin and restore the colour.
  4. Surgical treatment – several surgical procedures have been developed for treating depigmented skin these include grafting, minigraft, transplantation of in vitro- cultured melanocyte normal functioning skin graft containing functional melanocyte is Grafted over the depigmented skin.

The functioning of melanocyte is then expected to produce melanin pigment with eventual repigmentation of vitiligo skin.

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