Who is a eligible for a hair transplant?

  1. Alopecia androgenica
  2. Any type of trauma, accident, or scalp infection can cause scarring alopecia.
  3. Reconstruction of the brows.
  4. Reconstruction of the beard
  5. Reconstruction of the moustache

What exactly is a hair transplant?

When none of the other treatments are successful, hair transplantation has been shown to be the most successful and gold standard treatment for baldness with long-lasting results.

In order to hide baldness, a technique known as hair transplantation involves moving hair follicles from one place of the body—typically the scalp—to the damaged areas. It has been demonstrated that this method is the most successful treatment for people who have already lost their hair and are balding.

Hair Graft: What is it?

The strip or follicular unit that is transferred from the donor location, which is on the back of your head, to the recipient site is known as a graft (bald area of your scalp). Although the follicular unit is the most common type of hair graft, there are other types as well. Two other transplant kinds are micrografts and minigrafts.

A skin scrape with numerous hair follicles is known as a donor strip. After being taken from the donor location, the follicles are next dissected under a microscope. The recipient area of the scalp is then transplanted with these follicles.

For a FUE Hair Transplant, how many grafts are needed?

The thickness of the patient’s existing hair affects how many grafts are needed for a hair transplant. The quantity needed to achieve a successful result will also depend on the quality of the donor hair. For the typical hair transplant, between 1000 and 5000 grafts are used.

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Guidelines to Follow Before Hair Transplant,

1 – Two days prior to a hair transplant, refrain from drinking coffee or tea.
2- Avoid eating anything spicy or greasy for two days before to your hair transplant.
3- For a week before to obtaining a hair transplant, abstain from drinking and smoking.
4. Take any drugs that your doctor has prescribed before the surgery.
5. Use the suggested shampoo to wash your scalp every day.

Guidelines to Follow After Hair Transplantation

1. For at least a week, stay out of the sun and dust, or do as the surgeon instructs.
2. Always put on a surgical hat when leaving the house.
3- After getting a hair transplant, wait a month before wearing a helmet.
4- After the hair transplant procedure, you must wait 15 days before smoking or drinking.
5. Keep your hands off the recipient area till the day you wash it.
On the very following day after the hair transplant, begin regularly cleaning the donor area with drinking water.
7- Wash the recipient area frequently after 7 days.
8 After hair transplantation, swimming and strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least two months.
9- Take the medications that the surgeon has prescribed on a regular basis. Use the shampoo that your doctor has advised as well.
10. Adhere to the doctor’s diet recommendations for strong hair growth.
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