Each time we use a facial muscle to frown, laugh, squint or smile, a groove forms in the skin. Lines that once appeared only when our face moved in a dynamic expression eventually become static creases that remain unchanged, regardless of how the face moves.

As we get older, the mid-layer of skin (the dermis) thins as collagen and elastin production slows down, providing less support and structure to the skin. This causes the skin to sag over the creases in the skin, causing deep folds. Due to gravity, we often see these deep folds present in the lower face, so around the mouth or jowls.

At Singhania Skin clinic we offer a number of solutions to improve the concern of deep wrinkles or folds. To determine which treatment, or combination of treatments is right for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert cosmetic dermatologists.

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