Hair loss is a common condition encountered by many people by the time they enter their third decade of life these days even earlier if no appropriate treatment is undertaken, the condition progresses rapidly and leads to severe hair loss. There are different modalities to manage hair loss, this includes medical treatment (medicines), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection and hair transplant; however, hair transplantation has proved to be the most effective and the gold standard treatment for severe hair loss with long-lasting results. Hair Transplantation, as the name suggests, is a treatment where hair follicles are transferred from one part of the body (usually scalp) to the affected areas in order to cover the bald area. This method has been proven to be the most effective treatment for hair loss. It is like a long-lasting investment and leads to significant cosmetic benefits.


FUE: Latest technique supported by all doctors around the world. Done with a punch. The scars are very small and can’t be seen. FUT: Old technique not used by many doctors and not recommended by many.

They are usually not visible after the hair grows. With our modern and precise approach, the quality of hair is maintained. No side effects and very minimal pain is caused as we use local anaesthesia during the procedure and post-procedure there is mild discomfort. Recovery of scars is much faster as the marks are like injection pores.

FUT: Old technique not used by many doctors and not recommended by many. One linear scar which is big and visible is made with a blade. The scar is easily detectable even after the procedure. Often wastage of grafts is common and the unhealthy ones can’t be used anyways. The scar has to be covered through multiple stitches and leaves behind a deep wound. There are high chances of infection. During the procedure there might not be pain but, post-procedure the pain gets unbearable and the wound takes a lot of time to heal.


The eyebrows play a unique role in oral communication. When we talk we move our eyebrows, at the same time creating different human expressions like happiness, anger, pain, sadness and many more.

Eyebrows have a functional role when they protect the eyes from the extreme sunlight, sweat and other debris that fall into the eye socket. There is a second important function that eyebrows serve and this is the role of expression.

The expression of our emotions dramatically influences our daily relations. Poorly shaped eyebrows do not give a defined, charming face; on the contrary well designed eyebrows help the cheekbones stand out, making the face look more symmetrical while at the same time making the eyes look brighter. Well-groomed eyebrows balance the features of the face and frame the eyes.


There are many reports which suggest that men with beard look much smarter than without beard. The facial hair transplant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. They are painless and last for an hour or two.

Beard transplant can boost your confidence as with beard transplant you will be able to grow your beard which boosts your personality. So with beard transplant one can get their lost personality back

The facial hair transplant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. There is no recovery time as such. Patients can resume their daily routine from the next day

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