Repetitive frowning may cause some of your worry lines, but aging and loss of skin elasticity, sun exposure and genetic are also be to blamed.


  1. Age – not surprisingly forehead wrinkles and other signs of skin aging tan to become more common as you age and your skin become less elastic.
  2. Expose re to sunlight – spending time in the sun without protection can expose your skin to UV radiation a major cause of premature signs of aging.
  3. Smoking – smoking is linked to reduction of collagen synthesis with studies finding that tobacco smokes produce certain types of collagen at a lower rate than non smokers.
  4. Repeated facial expression.


luckily wrinkles are treatable.

From a variety of over-the-counter product to prescription medications and cosmetic procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, photo dynamic rejuvenation, threadlifts, forehead lift surgery)  a variety of treatments are available to help minimize  wrinkles. Visit us at singhania skin clinic for a consultation and to know other treatment modalities available at our clinic.

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