Skin tags are common, acquired skin-coloured growths that resemble a small, soft balloon. The medical name for the skin tag is acrochordon.

They may be skin coloured or brown in colour.
These lesions or benign – meaning they are non cancerous.
Skin tags can vary in number from one to hundreds. Males and females are equally prone to developing skin tags. They are most commonly seen in middle aged,obese people. Although some skin tags may fall off spontaneously, most persist once formed. The medical name for the skin tag is acrochordon.

Common sites where you may develop skin tags:

  • eyelids
  • neck
  • armpits
  • upper chest
  • groin folds

While these growths are harmless, and as such don’t require treatment, they can be a cosmetic concern. But if you notice any pain, discomfort or see any blood or pus discharge, be sure to get in touch with your dermatologist.

Removal of a skin tag can be done using one of the following methods:

  1. Cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen
  2. Radiofrequency
  3. Surgical removal

Once removed, skin tags don’t tend to grow again at the same spot. The procedure of skin tag removal is easy and fuss free. Most small to medium sized skin tags do not even require anaesthesia.

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