Pores are minute natural opening present on the upper layer of the skin. It is through these openings that fine hair come out and sweat glands, oil glands release sweat and sebum respectively onto the surface of the skin.
The face has thousands of such pores, which are mostly so small that they are invisible to the naked eye.
Sometimes, if the opening of these pores gets enlarged, it leads to appearance of small pit like visible depressions over the face.
Enlarged pores can occur in men and women, of all ethnicities.

Some common causes of enlarged facial pores are:

  • Age (As we age, we naturally lose the elasticity in our skin, making pores appear bigger than they actually are.)
  • Genetics
  • Oily skin or acne
  • Damage due to Exposure to the sun
  • Excessive oil production
  • Hair follicle size
  • Use of comedogenic products


Enlarged pores improve best when treated with multiple modalities.
This includes

  • Use of face washes and serums to reduce and regulate sebum production
  • Use of non comedogenic products
  • Topical retinoids
  • Chemical peels
  • Micro needlingradiofrequency
  • Lasers
  • Botox or “baby botox”

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